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Project Description

CMO, Fortuna Loterie (Penta Group), CZ

“Betting company Fortuna sazkova kancelar, a.s., began cooperation with Pavol Mačinga in early 2011 at the time oflaunching a crucial project – Fortuna lotteries. The process included construction of basic infrastructure of the project andnetwork of suppliers, as well as staff recruitment. Pavol Mačinga participated in preparation and evaluation of the mediaagency pitch process for Fortuna, as well as negotiations with key media partners (i.e. CET 21). His role in planningeffective media campaigns was very important, too. Pavol Mačinga is a professional with great insight, contacts, andexpertise in media communication and audit. For all these reasons, I highly recommend his services.”

Let us try to discuss the options of cooperation.

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Let us try to discuss the options of cooperation.

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